Our 4-i Process
  • Sometimes, a big idea
    comes from thinking small.

    New, fast-growing Community &
    Southern Bank wanted a branding
    campaign that fit their image: fun,
    feisty, effective.
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  • How do restaurants pour
    on the possibilities?

    They call on Coca-Cola’s expertise.
    And when Coke wanted to pour on the
    possibilities, they called on Bigelow.
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  • Helping Time Warner Cable
    connect with customers.

    Digital Phone service went from 0 to
    4 million U.S. households during our
    campaign. Watch a sample below.
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  • Kudzu is spreading like
    crazy nationwide.

    People everywhere use Kudzu.com to
    find local businesses. Watch one of the
    spots that’s powering its growth.
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